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Roger Casements Dani Mc Fadden wins GAA person of the year 2018

At the end of 2018, our very own Danielle Mc Fadden was awarded Toronto GAA Person of the Year. Mostly known as Dani, she arrived to Toronto in 2010 from Donegal which she is extremely proud of.

Dani got involved with GAA and Roger Casements in 2012 when her twin sister Natalie was approached by one of of our long standing members Eugene Kenny, who persuaded them to come and played Dani hasn't looked back since.

Dani became the driving force for the team and is heavily involved in every aspect of the club and GAA in Toronto, from recruitment, registration, training and refereeing other team matches and is now Roger Casements chairperson.

Dani too a summer off from gaelic in 2105 to be and athletic soccer coacher children with intellectual disabilities with she absolutely loved. Soccer is another sport Dani excels at and is still heavily involved in. She rejoined Casements after and got started right back where she left, encouraging every girl she met to play GAA and with Roger Casements  while making sure they had accommodation and work. 

Dani also became  involved with Toronto Camogie Club in 2018 and in her element she won rookie of the year. She has many awards on her dresser, winning Toronto junior ladies gaelic footballer of the year 2016, Ladies GAA All Star in 2014, along with club honours such as players player 2016 and 2018 and 2016 year of the year.

Dani is not only the captain but is a rock for her teammates too. When she catches wind of any one and their loved ones experiencing hardship 

 she goes above and beyond to support in anyway possible. She has the biggest heart, gives everything 100% on and off the pitch and is a complete force to be reckoned with. Dani is an inspiration to her family, friends and her teammates. This award couldn't have gone to a more deserving person. Dani has  recently received her Canadian citizenship which means we will be seeing a lot more of her and we can't wait.

Leeanne  Bennett Eulogy

At 26, Leeanne Bennett, from Newcastle West, County Limerick, Ireland, decided to take her adventures to Toronto Canada.

With a love of children and guiding younger minds, she found work on a montessori. A job she thoroughly enjoyed and worked so hard for.

In 2016, Leeanne joined Roger Casements and was a brilliant asset to the team. She had plenty to offer with great skills and strength and a drive to give her all on the pitch. Leeanne loved to socialise with the team and never missed an outing. Even outside the club, Leeanne had an abundance of friends and was always active on the social scene. Leeanne had confidence like we had never seen before and never let anything get in her way. 

Asides from her social life, Leeanne loved to stay fit and joined a running club, she also lived in the gym staying healthy and active was very important to her.

However in October 2017, Leeanne fell ill and was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Although devastating news, Leeanne was determined determined to enjoy every last minute she had left.

Making a bucket list things she wanted to do before her time was up. Leeanne went through gruelling treatments to allow her spend more time with her loved ones and never allowed herself to give up. She showed unbelievable strength and positivity, but unfortunately within a year of her diagnosis. 

Leeanne was a truly loving and caring person, with the bubbliest and brightest of personalities, which shone throughout Toronto and Ireland. Her memory will forever live on in our hearts, its hard to forget a beautiful soul like hers.

Rest in peace Leeanne, forever loved xxx

2019 Committee

Chairperson : Dani McFadden

Vice Chairperson: Fiona Blake

Secretary: Sinead Breen

Registrar: Aine Kelly

Treasurer: Dermot Mc Menanim

PRO: Orla Ruane

Development Office: Dani Mc Fadden

Youth Officer: Orla Ruane

Also on the committee: Annemarie Mc Sorely, Eugene..... and Sarah Creedon

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